Mind Over Matter

For anyone else in need of a little Friday morning motivation.



A fascinating concept to really get you thinking about what time means to you and what you do with it.

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If you were given a book, started reading, and realized it was the story of your life, would you keep reading only until your present time? would you close the book and forget about it? or maybe read just the last chapter? Would you really want to know all the turns your life might take?  I know I would, I wouldn’t read the whole book, because chances are I would want to modify the parts I didn’t like, where suffering and hardships occur, but I would love to read the last chapter, challenging myself to accept whatever it might be.  Dwelling on the subject, I started thinking about life, specifically Time. There are so many lives outside of our owns and how time means something different for each of us.

Some want to catch up with it, others avoid it running so fast.  Some need it, like the perfect cure of…

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