Why hello there! Thanks for clicking the link to come check me out. I am always up for meeting neat new people and learning cool new things, so come on in! You can find out more about me by clicking the “About” tab above.

As for my personal following policy? I don’t automatically follow everyone who follows me – whether on this blog or on Twitter or elsewhere – but if you follow me first, I will take the time, when I can, to come check out your stuff and see if you would be a good fit on my blog roll or Twitter feed. If I don’t follow you back, it’s probably not personal. I’m mostly interested in connecting with folks who discuss writing/reading/literature (especially science fiction/fantasy/horror, romance, YA, and poetry) and business (especially entrepreneurship, small businesses, and publishing). If you post on those topics and I still haven’t followed you back, it might be due to clashing styles of interaction, e.g. 80% of your feed is quotes from your book or many of your blog posts are politically or religiously intense in ways that would likely lead to more conflict between us than friendship. You’re still welcome to follow and poke me as you like, though, even if I don’t follow you back.

If I follow you first, it’s probably because you had a number of really insightful things to say or resources to share and I didn’t want to miss anything! I won’t be offended if you don’t follow me back, but I hope that my posts/tweets are worthwhile and interesting for you too. 🙂


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