In the professional realm of my life, I primarily publish nonfiction with an academic/research angle, as well as personal and professional development oriented essays, but both my fiction and poetry have been published as well. I have also served as a copy editor and reviewer, working primarily with undergraduate/graduate students, early career professionals, and third sector (nonprofit/voluntary) organizations. Right now, this blog is not about that, but this backdrop does inform much of what I do here, especially the way in which I do things, i.e. integrating evidence and references with my own experiences, analyses, and poetic expressions. It’s very much a Casual Friday/After-Work Drinks approach, both to blogging and to the related socializing I do.

I love reading and reflecting on the work of others, however, and since I am a very laid-back person who appreciates the craft of writing and the emotions behind it, I’m a naturally supportive (though often long-winded) beta. So, if you are a writer, either with a book/article in progress or something recently published, and you like my style or the topics/genres I discuss here, then please feel free to drop me an email (Aequanimitas23 [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll see if I can make time to offer you some feedback or write a review for you. PLEASE NOTE: I prefer not to post disparaging reviews unless something alarming or criminal has occurred, so in the case of works that were not a good fit for me, no public review will be posted. I’ll just endeavor to be helpful in one-on-one dialogue with the author. So be bold! Ask!

Fiction Genres of Interest: science fiction, fantasy (incl. traditional, urban, dark, magical realism), some horror (typically cerebral or surreal), YA/NA (incl. SF/F/H, humor, coming of age, geek/wallflower, LGBTQ+), some romance (typically SF/F/H, including paranormal, mystery, edgy contemporary, urban, LGBTQ+), humor.

Nonfiction Subjects of Interest: business (esp. entrepreneurship/startups, small businesses, internet-based business), publishing, writing, diversity (in multiple forms and contexts), personal development, progressive spiritual growth.

I have a special fondness for witty characters and writing styles, as well as stories with nuanced approaches to diversity or an unusual premise or world. I won’t refuse genres or topics that are not on this list just on principle, but they are far less likely to entice me. Want to get your work on the short list fast? Any book in audiobook/podcast format will be far more likely to be accepted for review because that is my primary reading format, but, given time and interest, an electronic format works fine too. If neither are available, then it is unlikely that I’m the best fit for you as a beta reader/reviewer.


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